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I’m thinking most of the remainder of my entries are going to be on hikes I haven’t hiked, but they are hikes I intend to do, of course, IN MY SPARE TIME.  Do I even need to elaborate on the “spare time” bit…I’m sure we all know by now that “spare time” means not even if Hell freezes over, but nevertheless, it’s nice to keep those “spare time” things in mind, if not to do, then as a reminder of the fact that we once had lives outside of school.  Oh, memories, sweet memories.   

Anywho, I have been wanting to do a hike near Leavenworth, and a friend told me that Stuart Lake is a beautiful hike.  However, I just read online that it is 9 miles and rated “difficult” – this is not sounding too “beautiful” to me.   I am intrigued though, since it is supposed to be a hike filled with lush foliage, wildflowers, and alpine geology…this does make me think that the hike would be well worth a once-over.  The trailhead is located past Icicle Road (which you  find right before entering Leavenworth) and thus would be a great hike to explore on a nice weekend visit or camping trip in the Leavenworth area.
Stuart Lake 


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