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Denny Creek

slippery-slab.jpgI haven’t been to Denny Creek, but a friend just told me it is one of her favorites.  I guess Denny Creek is near Snoqualmie Pass, so up I-90, and fairly accessible to Seattle and surrounding area individuals.  Apparently the Slippery Slab region of Denny Creek is very popular and fun for people of all ages.  The slippery slab area becomes waterslides in the summertime, which will make this a great and very enjoyable hike for my two little boys.  I can’t wait to take them next summer!  I will have to find more hikes like this…I would like to share my passion and enjoyment of hiking with my children.


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Snow Lake

Directions:  drive east on I-90 and take exit 52 for Snoqualmie Pass.  Drive under highway overpass, take a right on Alpental Rd.  Drive about 2 miles to the ski parking area and trailhead.

Info.:  7+ mile hike, 1,300 ft elevation gain, easy/moderate hike.

It’s been a few years since I have hiked to Snow Lake, but it is a beautiful hike which leads to breathe-taking views of Snow Lake, one of the area Alpine lakes, and to gorgeous views of the surrounding moutain ranges.  It is a fairly popular hike, so you are likely to run into other hikers along the way.  The lush forest and clear scenic views, make this a more than worthy hike.  The only downfall is that there are SEVERAL switchbacks on the way up…you start to feel like maybe you should just dart straight up and bypass some of the tedious one-foot gain switchbacks!  When you reach the top of the moutainside, you have almost a 360 degree view of the area – it’s such a spectacular site!  I have some old pics of this hike…I’ll have to dig them out and post a photo or two.

theresaandapril2002.jpgMy friend, April, with me, after our long hike.  This was taken by the lake…it was the only time I hiked Snow Lake in fog!  I love that my friend is drinking a Pepsi…after hiking!   Silly girl!

snowlake.jpg Snow Lake…aaaah, so beautiful!  I could have sat there for hours soaking up the view.  …the definition of peace!  So lovely! 

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